A first look at where each Big Ten team stands in Bart Torvik's projections for the 2023-24 season (2024)

A first look at where each Big Ten team stands in Bart Torvik's projections for the 2023-24 season (1)

Bart Torvik’s T-Rank, along with KenPom, are two of our favorite college basketball computer rankings.

Pomeroy’s projections for the 2023-24 campaign won’t come out until the fall, but Torvik has been updating his projections for next season all spring as roster movement continues in college basketball.

Currently, Torvik’s preseason top five teams for next season are Kansas, Tennessee, Duke, UConn and Houston. The highest-ranked Big Ten team is Michigan State at No. 6. The methodology for Torvik’s rankings are explained here.

Several of Indiana’s non-conference opponents are highly regarded in Torvik’s preseason rankings. In addition to the No. 1 Jayhawks and potentially the No. 4 Huskies, Indiana could potentially play No. 20 Texas. The Hoosiers will also play Auburn (No. 40).

In his latest bracketology, Joe Lunardi projected eight teams from the Big Ten to make the NCAA tournament next spring.

Here’s where each Big Ten team currently sits in the “T-Rank” projections for the 2023-24 season along with each team’s current roster:

6. Michigan State

Eligibility remaining: Tyson Walker, Malik Hall, Mady Sissoko, Jaxon Kohler, Tre Holloman, Carson Cooper
NBA Draft/professional route/out of eligibility: Joey Hauser, Jaden Akins (testing NBA draft), A.J. Hoggard (testing NBA draft)
Transfer portal: Pierre Brooks (Butler)
Arriving: Xavier Booker (247Composite top 10), Jeremy Fears (247Composite top 25), Coen Carr (247Composite top 100), Gehrig Normand

23. Purdue

Eligibility remaining: Caleb Furst, Trey Kaufman-Renn, Fletcher Loyer, Braden Smith, Mason Gillis, Ethan Morton, Brian Waddell, Camden Heide
NBA Draft/professional route/out of eligibility: David Jenkins, Zach Edey (testing NBA draft)
Transfer portal: Brandon Newman (Western Kentucky)
Arriving: Myles Colvin (247Composite top 100), Lance Jones (from Southern Illinois)

25. Indiana

Eligibility remaining: Xavier Johnson, Malik Reneau, CJ Gunn, Trey Galloway, Anthony Leal, Kaleb Banks
NBA Draft/professional route/out of eligibility: Race Thompson, Miller Kopp, Trayce Jackson-Davis (NBA draft), Jalen Hood-Schifino (NBA draft)
Transfer portal: Logan Duncomb (Xavier), Tamar Bates (Missouri), Jordan Geronimo (Maryland)
Arriving: Jakai Newton, Gabe Cupps (247Composite top 100), Payton Sparks (from Ball State), Kel’el Ware (from Oregon), Anthony Walker (from Miami), Mackenzie Mgbako (247Composite top 10)

27. Wisconsin

Eligibility remaining: Chucky Hepburn, Tyler Wahl, Steven Crowl, Connor Essegian, Max Klesmit, Kamari McGee, Carter Gilmore, Isaac Lindsey, Markus Ilver, Chris Hodges, Jahcobi Neath
NBA Draft/professional route/out of eligibility: None
Transfer portal: Jordan Davis (Illinois State)
Arriving: Gus Yalden, Nolan Winter, John Blackwell, AJ Storr (from St. John’s)

28. Northwestern

Eligibility remaining: Boo Buie, Ty Berry, Brooks Barnhizer, Matthew Nicholoson, Nick Martinelli, Luke Hunger
NBA Draft/professional route/out of eligibility: Tydus Verhoeven, Chase Audige (testing NBA draft)
Transfer portal: Julian Roper (Notre Dame), Robbie Beran (Virginia Tech)
Arriving: Jordan Clayton, Blake Barkley, Parker Strauss, Blake Preston (from Liberty), Justin Mullins (from Denver), Ryan Langborg (from Princeton)

37. Maryland

Eligibility remaining: Jahmir Young, Donta Scott, Julian Reese, Noah Batchelor, Jahari Long, Caelum Swanton-Rodger
NBA Draft/professional route/out of eligibility: Don Carey, Patrick Emilien
Transfer portal: Hakim Hart (Villanova), Ike Cornish (Ohio), Arnaud Revaz (Weber State), Pavlo Dziuba, Ian Martinez
Arriving: DeShawn Harris Smith (247Composite top 50), Jamie Kaiser (247Composite top 100), Jahathan Lamothe, Braden Pierce, Chance Stephens (from Loyola Marymount), Jordan Geronimo (from Indiana), Mady Traoré (from New Mexico State)

41. Ohio State

Eligibility remaining: Zed Key, Bruce Thornton, Roddy Gayle, Felix Okpara, Bowen Hardman, Kalen Etzler
NBA Draft/professional route/out of eligibility: Brice Sensabaugh (testing NBA draft), Justice Sueing (NBA draft), Isaac Likekele, Sean McNeil
Transfer portal: Eugene Brown III (Georgia Southern), Tanner Holden (Wright State)
Arriving: Taison Chatman (247Composite top 50), Scotty Middleton (247Composite top 50), Devin Royal (247Composite top 50), Austin Parks, Jamison Battle (from Minnesota), Dale Bonner (from Baylor), Evan Mahaffey (from Penn State)

44. Iowa

Eligibility remaining: Tony Perkins, Payton Sandfort, Patrick McCaffery, Dasonte Bowen, Josh Dix, Riley Mulvey, Carter Kingsbury
NBA Draft/professional route/out of eligibility: Connor McCaffery, Filip Rebraca, Kris Murray (NBA draft)
Transfer portal: Ahron Ulis (Nebraska), Josh Ogundele (Middle Tennessee)
Arriving: Pryce Sandfort (247Composite top 100), Ladji Dembele, Owen Freeman, Brock Harding, Ben Krikke (from Valparaiso), Even Brauns (from Belmont)

46. Nebraska

Eligibility remaining: Wilhelm Breidenbach, CJ Wilcher, Jamarques Lawrence, Juwan Gary, Sam Hoiberg, Blaise Keita
NBA Draft/professional route/out of eligibility: Derrick Walker, Sam Griesel, Emmanuel Bandoumel, Keisei Tominaga (testing NBA draft)
Transfer portal: Denim Dawson (Tennessee State), Oleg Kogenets (Wyoming), Quaran McPherson (Northern Illinois)
Arriving: Eli Rice, Rienk Mast (from Bradley), Brice Williams (from Charlotte), Ahron Ulis (from Iowa), Josiah Allick (from New Mexico)

51. Illinois

Eligibility remaining: Dain Dainja, Ty Rodgers, Sencire Harris, Luke Goode, Niccolo Moretti
NBA Draft/professional route/out of eligibility: Matthew Mayer, Coleman Hawkins (testing NBA draft), Terrence Shannon Jr. (testing NBA draft)
Transfer portal: Skyy Clark (Louisville), Jayden Epps (Georgetown), Brandon Lieb (Illinois State), RJ Melendez (Georgia)
Arriving: Amani Hansberry (247Composite top 100), Dra-Gibbs Lawhorn, Marcus Domask (from Southern Illinois), Justin Harmon (from Utah Valley), Quincy Guerrier (from Oregon)

52. Rutgers

Eligibility remaining: Aundre Hyatt, Derek Simpson, Mawot Mag, Antwone Woolfolk
NBA Draft/professional route/out of eligibility: Caleb McConnell, Clifford Omoruyi (testing NBA draft), Paul Mulcahy (testing NBA draft)
Transfer portal: Oskar Palmquist (Elon), Jalen Miller (Oral Roberts), Dean Reiber (Charlotte), Cam Spencer
Arriving: Gavin Griffiths (247Composite top 50), Jamichael Davis, Noah Fernandes (from UMass)

65. Michigan

Eligibility remaining: Jaelin Llewellyn, Tarris Reed, Dug McDaniel, Terrance Williams, Will Tschetter, Jace Howard, Youssef Khayat
NBA Draft/professional route/out of eligibility: Jett Howard (NBA draft), Kobe Bufkin (NBA draft), Joey Baker
Transfer portal: Isaiah Barnes (Tulsa), Hunter Dickinson (Kansas), Gregg Glenn (Tulane)
Arriving: George Washington III (247Composite top 100), Nimari Burnett (from Alabama), Tray Jackson (from Seton Hall)

122. Minnesota

Eligibility remaining: Dawson Garcia, Parker Fox, Isaiah Ihnen, Pharrel Payne, Josh Ola-Joseph, Braeden Carrington, Taurus Samuels
NBA Draft/professional route/out of eligibility: None
Transfer portal: Treyton Thompson (Stetson), Jaden Henley (DePaul), Jamison Battle (Ohio State), Ta’Lon Cooper (South Carolina)
Arriving: Cameron Christie, Mike Mitchell Jr. (from Pepperdine), Jack Wilson (from Washington State), Elijah Hawkins (from Howard)

134. Penn State

Eligibility remaining: Kanye Clary, Demetrius Lilley, Jameel Brown
NBA Draft/professional route/out of eligibility: Jalen Pickett, Seth Lundy (NBA draft), Andrew Funk, Myles Dread, Camren Wynter, Michael Henn
Transfer portal: Caleb Dorsey (William & Mary), Dallion Johnson (Florida Gulf Coast), Evan Mahaffey (Ohio State), Kebba Njie (Notre Dame)
Arriving: Adrian Baldwin Jr. (from VCU), Nick Kern Jr. (from VCU), Zach Hicks (from Temple), Puff Johnson (from North Carolina), Qudus Wahab (from Georgetown), Leo O’Boyle (from Lafayette), RayQuawndis Mitchell (from UMKC), Favour Aire (from Miami)

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A first look at where each Big Ten team stands in Bart Torvik's projections for the 2023-24 season (2024)
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