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Could Fortnite Creative 2.0 be the future of Fortnite? With the debut of the Unreal Editor For Fortnite add-on, community developers and map-makers now have access to all the possibilities of coding within the Unreal Engine, plus all the accessibility of island creation in Fortnite. The customization of this new tool is unparrelled, to the point where some map-makers have already created replicas and homages of their favorite games, from Coconut Mall to the original Chapter 1 Fortnite Map.

Even if you don't intend to get into the nitty-gritty of Unreal Editor For Fortnite by creating your own islands, you can experience this stunning collaboration between Unreal and Fortnite first-hand. Dozens of talented Fortnite creators have already published their projects and demos for public play in Fortnite, and this is only the tip of the iceburg.

Want to check out what all the fuss is about? Check out the map codes below to see the full power of Fortnite Creative 2.0 at play, and explore what Fortnite creators have been up to in Unreal Editor For Fortnite.

MapIsland CodeCreator
Prop Haunters6807-1381-6967mediatoniclabs
Dungeon Prison Escape0552-2312-0439wert
Golfnite (Summer Edition)1873-9339-4724cubestd
1v1 Build Fight2744-5526-2967sebara_fn
Only Up Fortnite4366-9611-6988army
Atlas OG Battle Royale2179-7822-3395AtlasCreative
Forest Guardian0348-4483-3263Epic Labs
Color Switch1415-7321-0392TeamUnite
Droopy Flops3638-6410-4991InfinityStudios
The Space Inside9836-7381-5978Epic Labs
Ninja Battles 5v55227-8658-2604BrendannnD
Deserted: Domination8035-1519-2959Epic Labs
Toys FFA6650-3037-8378iic
Pirate Adventure2810-0903-59673D LAB
Pyramid Platformer0762-7326-5726spankysully
The Divide: Squad Assault2888-4087-6882CleverlikeStudio
Brim: Payload6134-0230-2383TheAweDam
Cyber Rush6124-8356-0703CooliSushi
Micro Royale7829-4926-3936DirectingPete
Red VS Blue1624-8893-3749Beario
Operation: Sandstorm3614-5741-8031madm00ds Woyka
Atlas Hiding Game4112-7621-0218Atlas Creative
Loadout Swap FFA0667-0331-3132Mr.Smurff2.0


Prop Haunters Fortnite Map Code

ISLAND CODE: 6807-1381-6967

Chances are you might have played some version of Prop Hunt in the past, a game in which players disguise themselves as props in a high-stakes game of hide-and-seek. Well, what if it was the props' job to hunt you?

Prop Haunters is a spooky Fortnite Creative map where the object is not to "eliminate all props" but rather to find and destroy all the Spirit Shards before time runs out... or the Haunters disguised as props eliminate you.

Dungeon Prison Escape Map Code

ISLAND CODE: 0552-2312-0439

Ready for an action-packed classic escape heist? In Dungeon Prison Escape, you'll have to sneak, fight, and even platform your way through a maze of medieval dungeons and castle rooms to escape the grounds and earn your freedom.

Golfnite Fortnite Map Code

ISLAND CODE: 1873-9339-4724


Have you ever wanted to play Golf With Friends but with your Fortnite squad? Well, now you can in Golfnite! This mini-golf Creative Fortnite map lets you compete against your friends as a golf ball, ping-ponging your way through creative obstacle courses. With eighteen new holes released for the new summer edition, Golfnite has hours of mini-golf chaos in store.

1v1 Build Fight Fortnite Map Code

ISLAND CODE: 2744-5526-2967

Need some practice with your builds? 1v1 Build Fight is the perfect place to warm up before you squad up for Battle Royale. This blank canvas is the best spot to face off against a single opponent while practicing your quick-build skills. With minimal map structures, there is minimum delay, which means there won't be any blaming "lag" for missing your shots.

Only Up Fortnite Map Code

ISLAND CODE: 4366-9611-6988

Experience the viral roguelite parkour course while ascending through all your favorite landmarks from seasons' past. Inspired by the game Only Up, this Fortnite creator map challenges you to climb from the ground all the way into the stratosphere by scaling floating objects and structures. Fall, and you are back to square one.

Play the OG Fortnite Chapter 1 Map - Atlas OG Battle Royale Map Code

ISLAND CODE: 2179-7822-3395


Ready for a heavy dose of nostalgia? The team behind AtlasCreative has recreated the original Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 3 map with the power of Fortnite Creative 2.0. All the Points of Interests you once knew and loved, but with the graphical superiority of the Unreal Engine.

A Solo Fantasy Experience - Forest Guardian Map Code

ISLAND CODE: 0348-4483-3263

Epic Labs has clearly been hard at work in the anticipation of Unreal Editor For Fortnite's launch. You can find a handful of astounding Creative islands created by Epic Labs to showcase the capabilities of UEFN, including this fantastical journey through a mysterious forest to encounter its guardian dragon. This is a solo experience, but certainly not one to skip.

Fall Guys Meets Fortnite - Color Switch Map Code

ISLAND CODE: 1415-7321-0392

If you loved the Perfect Match levels of Fall Guys, then Color Switch from Creative 2.0 will be right up your alley. Appease the whims of a tantruming Peely, by rushing to step on the color squares he indicates before the time is up. Fail to stand on the correct color, and you'll plunge to your demise.

Try Your Hand at Flappy Bird - Droopy Flops Map Code

ISLAND CODE: 3638-6410-4991


Speaking of nostalgia, if you fancy a trip back to 2013, take a spin around this retro Fortnite Creative 2.0 arcade. Choose from an assortment of whacky characters - including Dragons Tony and Dangalf - and see how far you can progress through the soaring side-scroller from years' past.

The Escape Room of Your Dreams - The Space Inside Map Code

ISLAND CODE: 9836-7381-5978

Epic Labs shows off yet another facet of the new UEFN building tools, with this mind-blowing escape room trial. Puzzle your way through each of these rooms to reveal their deeper, hidden meaning.

Fight Like a Ninja - Ninja Battles 5v5 Map Code

ISLAND CODE: 5227-8658-2604

Ever dreamed of being a Power Ranger? Well, now is the time. Choose your ninja color and face off against enemy ninjas with special Spin Attack and Elemental Ball weapons that harness the power of the elements!

Fortnite Enters Its Call of Duty Era - Deserted: Domination Map Code

ISLAND CODE: 8035-1519-2959


This control zone map designed in UEFN is reminescent of many First Person Shooter levels of yore, complete with a sepia-toned grittiness that feels like home. Face off against enemy players in a deserted oil refinery to maintain control over three capture points and come out the victor.

Toy Story Goes Battle Royale - Toys FFA Map Code

ISLAND CODE: 6650-3037-8378

Honey, we shrunk the Fortnite players. This free-for-all arena is set in a colorful kid's playroom, except you are the toys. Duke it out with custom loadouts to become the final toy standing!

Sail the High Seas as an Undead Pirate - Pirate Adventure Map Code

ISLAND CODE: 2810-0903-5967

Are you ready for a pirate adventure? Explore an unknown island on the search for buried treasure with three other pirate companions.

An Ancient 2D Side Scroller - Pyramid Platformer Map Code

ISLAND CODE: 0762-7326-5726


You haven't seen platforming like this in Fortnite before. Jump your way through a 2D sidescrolling pyramid, navigating traps, puzzles, and secret levers to explore this ancient wonder.

Sci-Fi Battle Amongst the Stars - Reclamation Map Code

ISLAND CODE: 1135-0371-8937

If you are looking for a competitive way to test run the new Creative 2.0 features, take Reclamation for a spin. This 5v5 sci-fi game mode pits you against an enemy team to be the first to gain control of drill sites.

Freeze For All - Frostbite Map Code

ISLAND CODE: 4373-8587-1739

This free-for-all arena has a chilly twist. With a lobby of only twelve other players, you will have to be quick and think on your toes. It's freeze, or be frozen.

Time for a Boss Rush - The Divide Squad Assault Map Code

ISLAND CODE: 2888-4087-6882


Rather than gunning down your opponents, in The Divide: Squad Assault, your goal is instead to out-do them. Each team spawns on a separate island with its own Boss. The first team to beat the final boss wins!

Everyone Loves an Escort Mission - Brim Payload Map Code

ISLAND CODE: 6134-0230-2383

The classic Escort the Payload game mode has entered the Fortnite Creative 2.0 scene. Whether you are on the attacking or defending team, maintaining your position and control over the payload is crucial to winning this 5v5 battle.

Cyber Rush Map Code

ISLAND CODE: 6124-8356-0703

Embrace your inner superhero vigilante in this vibrant cyberpunk mini-mode. Glide and hook-shot your way across platforms of hovercars and trucks, and fight against the bots guarding the transport vehicles.

Micro Royale Map Code

ISLAND CODE: 7829-4926-3936


Experience all the rush and panic of Battle Royale, but mini. This battle royale is located on a miniature island, with less players but plenty of chaos and fun. Put into such close quarters, its kill or get killed.

Red VS Blue Map Code

ISLAND CODE: 1624-8893-3749

Who will win control of the fort? Team red or blue? In this map, the world is split quite literally in half. Eliminate opponents on the enemy team and wrestle control of the fort in your team's hands!

Operation: Sandstorm Map Code

ISLAND CODE: 3614-5741-8031

Survival in Fortnite takes on a whole knew meaning with this Creative Map, Operation: Sandstorm. Build up your base and defend it against massive hordes of zombies using tanks, planes, and more. If you thought that was enough, the harsh desert landscape is also out to get you in this intense survival mini-mode.

Atlas Hiding Game Map Code

ISLAND CODE: 4112-7621-0218


If you are big fan of Prop Hunt game modes, than this might be the map for you. Enter one of Atlas Hiding Game's four hugely oversized rooms, and find the perfect hiding spot amongst giant bowling pins, pool noodles, and couch cushions.

Loadout Swap FFA Map Code

ISLAND CODE: 0667-0331-3132

This new take on the classic deathmatch mini-mode is sure to get your heart racing. In Loadout Swap FFA, the first to get 45 eliminations wins! The catch? You can only regain health by eliminating other players. The more enemy players you kill, the more speed boosts you gain as well. It all resets if you are downed however, so be on your guard.

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